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In my current travel, I usually do not deliberately arrange the itinerary. I will only list the places I want to go. After that, I will look at the location of the map.

This is a sequence given by friends: It is suitable for a day trip: Italian style area, ancient culture street, Drum Tower, food street, enamel house, west open church, five avenues, Tianjin Eye (more beautiful at night)

This route is the most classic itinerary in Tianjin. Whether it is the Xiaoyang Building in the concession or the representative of the ancient culture of Tianjin, all of them can be played all day. There are also famous commercial streets in the meantime. Most of these attractions are very close, walking, bus and subway can be reached very quickly, there will be no tired feeling of hard work.

When I arrived at Tianjin Station, it was about five o’clock in the morning, and the day was still not bright. The first thing to do out of the station is to buy a map routinely, and then go to the place where you have breakfast. I want to drink porridge, but I found that there are many shops near the station that are not open, and finally found a small noodle in Chongqing. I had a fried noodle meal set, which was really a big one. There was basically no change before eating and eating. After filling the stomach, it was still not bright enough. It took about two hours to see danTer. I walked alone to Jinwan Square for a while, sat on the stone steps along the Haihe River for a while, chatted with danTer on WeChat, and flipped through the map to see where we are going today. When I was about to arrive, I went to the exit to pick escort in tianjin up, because I took a paper map, so he recognized me.

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